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112 are cheap and effective specialists who are often called ‘doctor fire axe’. This is one doctor who didn’t take the Hippocratic oath. Armed and ready to fight, all while dragging comrades back to their feet.

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Offensive Tools

With a BS stat of just 11 do not rely on 112's as an offensive option, however when approached at short range they can be known to hold their own with their light shotgun. With a stat line that resembles basic infantry do not expect your 112 to kill more of your opponents than it might of your own units! However with WIP 13 they make for decent button pushers with added utility.

Defensive Tools

With 0 ARM and BTS, a PH 12 and 1 wound do not expect 112's to survive many engagements. Unless enemies are within 8" you are better dodging attacks or hiding all together. Courage does allow them some benefits but they lack the offensive options to really make too much use of it except for ignoring retreat.

Special Tricks

112’s in themselves offer no real tricks, accept they are a cheap specialist option and allowing for completing some classified objectives.

However consider using them in conjunction with fake camo markers (from ambush camo) to trick opponents into thinking that a bundle of sticks is actually a high value unit.


Don't get within 8" due to their light shotgun, otherwise pretty much everything works to kill them, with low cc, BS and average PH killing 112's is not rocket science. However, with just 13 WIP consider leaving them alive and allowing them to kill their own units with failed heal attempts.

List Composition

112's in vanilla are often must takes for their low point cost and utility. With more than a 50% chance of healing units it can often be worth taking them alongside important units such as Tankhunters or other single wound units that you want to give a second chance too. However don't bank on them always succeeding with Ariadna's lack of cubes there are no rerolls.

At just 12 points you can treat them as cheerleaders with utility.


Consider deploying the 112 watching short approaches, with their light shotgun they are effective watches of people approaching behind. Make sure you deploy them out of LOF of opponents as they lack any range options and with just PH 12 will likely die to any ranged fire.

Ensure you are in range of what you want to heal when deploying, having to spend many orders to get to an important unit just to fail your roll is a waste of orders.

Active Turn Role

112's in active turns are useful button pushers for objectives if your primary specialists fall and can be used to give a second chance to units taken out in your previous reactive turn.

ARO Options

112's are only effective under 8" with its light shotgun, for any range longer than this always consider dodging fire.

112's can be useful as a trooper to watch the back of your heavy hitters.