Armand 'Le Muet', Freelance Killer

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The ITS 2015 prize Armand 'Le Muet', Freelance Killer is a deadly sniper that brings an interesting kit to every faction. He succeeds best when used as a scalpel, and if the enemy does not have the right tools to remove him, can be an effective ARO piece.

Armand 'Le Muet', Freelance Killer Profile.png

Offensive Tools

Armand Brings a Multi Sniper Rifle, Anti personnel mines, Nanopulsar 2 Breaker Pistols on all profiles. This gives him a wide assortment of ammunition types to use against enemy models, and good options at almost every range band. His two profile options chose between MSV 1 to negate some enemy modifiers, or Minelayer to help consolidate his position.

Should he find himself in close combat (which usually means something has gone very wrong) he has a Shock CCW and CC 18.

While not strictly an offensive tool, his Forward Deployment level 1 helps to assure he will be placed in a good firing position.

Defensive Tools

Le Muet has some rare defensive tech that makes him a pain to deal with. First of all is an Optical Disruption Device to apply a -6 to all enemy BS attacks. In addition to this he brings Symbiont armor, a tool normally only found in the Tohaa faction, that gives him an extra wound. This is true Symbiont Armor and as such you can attach Symbio-mates to him to make him even harder to remove. Should he need to dodge, Armand has a serviceable PH of 12, and often this is a good choice, especially if he can dodge to prone and get out of enemy line of fire.

Special Tricks

Since Armand has the same Symbiont armor as all Tohaa he can be given their Symbio-mates or Symbio-Bombs that will give him staying power. At WIP 13 he can also use bombs fairly well.


If the enemy is using the MSV 1 profile, Le Muet can be effected by White Noise to even the odds against most shooters. Usually this will force him to dodge which is often good enough. Fire attacks will burn off ODD on hit (not damage) taking away Le Muet's best defensive tool. In general, direct templates are a good tool for removing him. Le Muet is designed to stack modifiers and be slippery and hard to remove. Fighting him without a roll will usually be to your advantage.

List Composition

Le Muet is an expensive piece but will benefit most forces. If you are lacking in long range power, and don't have easy access to ODD Le Muet can be a good choice. While the MSV 1 profile is popular, the Minelayer can be worth it's weight in gold to slow enemy advances and hold territory.


If you are not taking the first turn think carefully about where you are deploying Le Muet. He makes a good reserve model so that he can be placed where he is safe from enemy visors and can harass other troops. Le Muet is a decent ARO piece, but be certain to place him somewhere that he can get out of enemy LoF with a single failed guts roll or dodge so as to protect your investment.

Active Turn Role

Le Muet seems like he is designed to kill everything, but he works best as a bully, shooting it out against enemy models that cant respond due to negative modifiers. Any time you force an enemy to dodge, you are doing your job right because it means Aramand isn't at risk. You can use him to fight heavy armored pieces like TAGs or HI, but make sure you consider his chance of success before firing.

ARO Options