Caledonian Volunteers

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The Caledonian Volunteers Corps is formed by regiments of clans or territories, their origins indicated in parentheses in the Division name. a basic line infantry equipped with a deadly array of weaponry.

Caledonian Volunteers Profile.png

Offensive Tools

With a lowly BS of just 10, you may consider the humble volunteer to be offensively weak, however what they lack in ability they make up in versatility and cost. At just 6 points and armed with a template weapon the most basic profile mitigates this low BS and acts as both an effective rear guard and offers a cheap option for trading.

Specialists also rarely come cheaper than the 10 points paramedic, with WIP of 12 they even rival Pano’s specialists!

In Caledonia, Volunteers offer a fantastically cheap fire team option either solely made up of their corps or matched with more offensive pieces such as a highland grey and Isobel. With options for HMG and LGL a 5 man fire team for as low as 43 points is not to be ignored.

For a different line of attack, the limited camo and limited infiltration options can make for headaches for your opponent or a cheap way to achieve sabotage classified objectives, with one profile offering the template of a light shotgun and another d-charges for blowing up that key objective.

Defensive Tools

Defensively volunteers lack in almost everyway, earning their low point cost. 1 ARM, 0 BTS, WIP of just 12 and PH of 11. Maybe wearing just kilts is not such a smart idea after all.

Special Tricks

While volunteers appear as basic as units come they do offer a few tricks. Limited infiltration and limited camo on successful roles can offer significant headaches for opponents. D-Charges on such a profile for looting and sabotaging is an effective way to take on the objective for a low cost and low risk approach.


Shoot them, stab them, blow them up. Volunteers are defensively weak and easy to kill. Don't bother with hacking or anything special for such low points. Against the most basic profiles simply out range them for an effective method with many having little options for engaging over 16"

List Composition

In vanilla for just 12 points you can get two orders, two chain rifle platforms and two effective cheerleaders. Volunteers are one of the reasons Ariadna can field high order lists.

At just 10 points a paramedic option offers a cheap way to keep larger units in the field for longer.

In Caledonia, Volunteers are the cheapest way to field a fire team, additionally the ability to pair them with the better ballistic platform of a highland grey is an attractive and deadly combination. However consider for just 43 points you can field a HMG led fireteam, that with its +3 goes some way to mitigating this units otherwise terrible stat line.


Volunteers rarely can take long range fights so deploy out of line of large firelanes. Use the basic profiles to watch your back and corners.

Paramedics need to be close to your heavy units that you want to give a second go.

Limited camo and infiltration units if you succeed on their role want to be deployed in such a way that they cost your opponent points or orders. Going second place them in hard to reach spots that take orders getting to, they are there to slow your opponents alpha strike. Going first place them where you think you will be able to line up a few units and hit them with a light shotgun template.

Active Turn Role

Give me a C, Give me a H...... cheerleaders in most regards is this units best role. However at just 6 points they can be an effective chain rifle platform. Use the auto hit to deal with TO camo or ODD troops where BS stats are less useful. At just 6 points if they fail your losses are very limited.

In a fireteam treat them like any other, an ARO headache and active turn offensive power house. however with starting BS of just 10 don't expect them to hang with many other factions fire teams.

ARO Options

These are very limited with most profiles if the enemy is outside of 16". instead consider chain rifles or shooting as with a PH of just 11 you are often better taking the pot shot.