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“Toujours Prêt” (Always Prepared), Motto of the Chasseurs highlights this skirmishers toolbox status. As a infiltrating unit, a combination of skills, tools and camo makes this one pesky unit for opponent to deal with in the midfield.

Chassuers Profile.png

Offensive Tools

Do not let the low BS of 11 and rifle primary weapon on most profiles mislead you, Chasseurs are one of the best offensive units Ariadna has for holding midfield. Whether in Vanilla or as part of Merovingienne sectorial the Chasseur is often a must take for their ability to dominate midfield, complete objectives or slow down enemy advances.

Sixth sense level 1 allows you to wait in camo state for enemies to approach, when they ask you to declare ARO if they are within 8 inches you can simply say you delay and as par this skill declare your ARO after they declare their second skill. With a range of template weapons, equipment and close range options this allows you get shots against opponents in ARO you otherwise would not get.Combined with the light flamethrower this can be a deadly combination.

As button pushers the Forward observing profile is no slouch with a moderate WIP of 13 and mines to use after you have capped an objective to protect it against enemy attempts to take it back.

Minelayer with infiltration allows you to place two markers, one for the chassuer and one for the mine, at the start of the game allowing you to slow down enemy advances early in the game.

The adhesive launcher is an effective ARO on cheaper profiles and consider using D-Charges for sabotage based activity.

Do not forget in active turns surprise shot is available to you if you are still in marker state.

An AP sniper rifle is an attractive choice for longer range engagements that is able to crack high ARM targets.

Defensive Tools

With 0 ARM and 0 BTS Chassuers are fairly easy to kill once revealed, despite the mimetism they gain from having camo. As such Chassuers need to rely on their camo where they can, and use mines to prevent enemies approaching. Light flamerthrowers and adhesive launchers can give enemies second thoughts about taking close range fights, so utilise this and avoid taking long range fights.

Keep in mind that with PH 13, once you are revealed you will be often better off dodging than you would be shooting back.

Special Tricks

Sixth sense level 1 is the main trick on offer, which combined with infiltration, flamethrowers and camo makes for a deadly combo. Let opponents get within 8 and state you are delaying your ARO. All they will be able to do is dodge or discover while you burn them alive, place a needed mine or fire an adhesive launcher to render them immobile.

Minelayer grants you the ability to lay a trap at the start of the game and with AVA 2 in vanilla and 4 in sectorial you can create an effective minefield before the game has even started.


Chassuers are not the toughest units on the board and even small arms fire will deal with them effectively. Utilise range and MSV to render their benefits useless. Most of their profiles are only good up to 16 inches and sixth sense level 1 only applies within 8”.

Use senor if you have it to reveal any mines that are down at deployment and which unit is the Chasseurs.

Stay out of range of their light flamethrowers, at point costs around 20 many players with sacrifice the chasseur to burn enemy units, don’t give them the chance.

While they lack decent cc stats remember with sixth sense they will likely burn whoever approaches them. Killing them from range is usually a more effective way of dealing with them.

List Composition

Chassuers fit into almost all lists and missions, both for vanilla and sectorial. As button pushers they are excellent with the ability to be close to where they need to be right away. They really are toolboxes, with profiles to fit most roles you would want from infiltrating units.

Minelayer is an effective way to slow down opponents advances and hinder alpha strikes.

With low point cost you can easily take max AVA and still have plenty left for other units.

While an AP sniper rifle might seem attractive there are many other AP options available and Chassuers low BS of 11 means they are not the best sniper option available. If you want to play a long range game take this profile but it does not come with the toolbox options of the other profiles, so consider the mission and what we you wish to achieve before deciding.


If you are not taking the AP sniper rifle deploy where enemies have to approach you from within 8 inches. Make use of your sixth sense and range of weapons to cause a nasty surprise. Consider minelayer for controlling objectives, slowing down enemy advances and causing your opponent to spend orders. Do not deploy mines where they can easily be seen, as they again are only effective within 8 inches.

Space your markers out so that a single sensor or template does not hit multiple units, your camo and mines are most effective and causing your opponent to waste orders.

With an AP sniper rifle you need to take maximum range fights, with BS11 against most enemies you want to be outside of their good ranges but in yours.

Active Turn Role

Chassuers are a toolbox, use them as such. Take forward observers for hitting buttons, mines for creating future headaches for your opponent and surprise shot people that are within 16 with rifles to stack modifiers in your favour. Don't expect to take on heavy infantry or TAGS.

Combine they with heavy hitters they can be effective counters to ODD troops and camo. Use their flamethrowers to burn off equipment before striking with heavy hitters. Chassuers are low cost so it can often be worth it to sacrifice one to strip off enemy ODD and camo, Ariadna lacks regularly available MSV.

ARO Options

If within 8 inches always delay your ARO, this way you can decide what option is best for you. If you are being shot consider using flamethrowers, with low BS and no ARM it is likely you will die but if you can trade the Chassuers will justify their point cost easily. If being hit with a template dodging is not a terrible choice with PH 13.

If you are certain to die consider placing a mine to force your opponent to spend more orders cleaning up the field.

While an AP sniper rifle might look like a decent ARO choice only consider shooting if forced to or if your enemy is in your good range and their bad. With BS11 chassuers are not the best sharpshooters. Additionally this option also likely means you will not get to use sixth sense so consider if this is the best use of the tools that Chassuers offer.