Corregidor Alguaciles

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Corregidor's basic infantry, the Alguaciles are often seen as the basic profile which other line troops diverge from.

Corregidor Alguaciles Profile.png

Offensive Tools

The HMG and multi-sniper profiles are the best offensive pieces when running a 5-man link team. By themselves the HMG is a viable piece but loses out in usefulness against other HMG profiles in nomads(Hellcat, Intruder, Moira, Brigada, Taskmaster, Kriza).

The deployable repeater has a possible use offensively, mostly in an aggressive link style.

Defensive Tools

Armor 1 is average for light infantry. Nothing special here. The paramedic can theoretically bring your casualties back, but their low PH makes this a poor option. The use of a proper doctor is recommended (Daktari, Tomcat, Reverend Healer).

Special Tricks

They have a light grenade launcher profile, spec fire in a 5-man link team hits on 11s from 8-16, which isn’t bad if you run a mobile team. You can try targeting them but this is not easy to accomplish and quite order intensive. In Corregidor it can be done by using a Bandit FO (surprise attack), with a combination of stempler zond + evo hacker by using sat-lock, or by using an Alguacil FO in the same link (B3 FO on WIP 16 before negative mods).


With 1W and armor 1 they go down relatively easy. When facing a 5 man link, find a spot where only one of them can see you and then shoot with a high burst weapon, preferably from a spot where you have good range modifiers and your opponent has bad range mods.

List Composition

Lupe Balboa is an excellent addition to any Alguacil link team, both offensive (smoke) and defensive (ARO with the panzerfaust).

Options for an offensive team: HMG, forward observer, Lupe, LGL, combi Options for a defensive team: Missile launcher, multi sniper, forward observer, Lupe, hacker

The hacker is decent value. If running a link team consider leaving it out of the link as 6th member that is standby to reform as one of your pieces goes down. For example using a single missile launcher as defensive piece, when it goes down, reform with the hacker and now use your team as an offensive link.


When deploying any link team avoid bunching them to close together or in a line (beware the grenades, shotguns, plasma, missiles, rockets etc). When deploying a defensive link make sure the line of fire to the model is limited to the good range band of the weapon of that model. Typically missile launchers and snipers can go on buildings. Combis and FO’s can cover their approach.

Active Turn Role

In a 5 man link team the HMG and multi sniper are good at taking out targets. With an offensive link, run forward, take objectives and consider putting your combis in suppressive fire in the midfield if the fireteam has lost at least one member.

ARO Options

The best ARO options are the missile launcher and multi sniper. Use forward observers to cover range bands out to 24” (B2 WIP 13 flash pulses slows down offensive pieces).