Cube Jäger, Mercenary Recoverers

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Cube Jäger.jpg
An ITS trophy model the Cube Jäger can be used in generic forces.

Cube Jäger Profile.png

Offensive Tools

The Cube Jager brings a pistol and Mono-Filment CCW in all profiles, offering an option between a SMG and E/ mitter or Boarding shotgun on two profiles.

Defensive Tools

1 ARM and 3 BTS means the Jager can't take much of a hit. Stealth can allow it to move freely outside of enemy LoF. Should it take a wound the Jager has Shock Immunity to mean it can almost always be brought back up. AD level 1 can be seen as a defensive skill as it will keep the Jager from enemy fire until it chooses to arrive on board.

Special Tricks

The Cube Jager with E/Mitter can disable enemy HI, REM, or TAGs before moving into melee to kill them with its Mono CCW.

With Paratrooper and Stealth it can sometimes come in behind enemy units and move into a good position to kill them.


The Cube Jager will die to most kinds of fire. Keeping a watch on the edges of the table will prevent any mischief he could cause. Despite the fearson Mono-CCW he is not too deadly in melee and most CC specialists can take him out. Just be careful what you risk on him.

List Composition

If you have a large number of models with Wounds and high PH the Cube Jager can be an unexpected addition to your forces to get a paramedic quickly in position. The Jager can also use Paratrooper to enter the board into a good fire position for the boarding shotgun or to go into Suppressing Fire with the SMG.

Tohaa in particular might find the Cube Jager useful because of the bonus to paramedic rolls for symbio armor models.


Since the Cube Jager is a Paratrooper it is unlikely to ever be deployed. Be sure to consider if there are blocked board edges that it would be best for the Jager to come in on to avoid enemy ARO

Active Turn Role

The Cube Jager will look to exploit the short range band of its weapons or paramedic models in the midfield. Should a tough enemy target be disabled (by hacking for example) the Jager can look to go in for the kill with it's Mono weapon.

ARO Options

If attacked from a long ways away the Jager should dodge. Ideally it's skill set will allow it to be in good range bands where removing it in ARO will be a pain or deadly (especially for models effected by the E/Mitter.