Dozers, Field Engineers

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Dozer units are present in all Ariadnan regional armies, composed of sappers and experts in demolition, maintenance, and recovery of combat materiel. Cheap engineers that bring to the fight some added utility.

Dozers, Field Engineers Profile.png

Offensive Tools

With basic stats and mostly unimpressive weapons dozers may seem like cheap and cheerful engineers, however what they do bring is the ability to field Traktor Muls with the control device profile, a cheap option for d-charges and as a specialist and the decently ranged Akrylat-kanone adhesive launcher rocket. Even though it has a low point cost do not underestimate the usefulness of a Dozer in the right hands.

Defensive Tools

A low PH or 11, cc of just 12 and ARM 1 make Dozers as fragile and easy to kill. However their AVA 2 and low cost means fielding two is fairly easy.

Special Tricks

The two main tricks on offer here is a good up to 32” Akrylat-Kanone launcher, at just 14 points can offer an effective ARO piece, and the Traktor Mul Control device that allows you to field Ariadnas only Remotes. Take a Dozer and two minesweeping Traktors for just 24 points and gain yourself 3 cheap orders with some utility.


An easy unit to kill with low defensive abilities. However, if fielding a Aktylat-Kanone launcher consider using a less costly unit to do the deed to avoid that pesky possibility of losing something important to a critical adhesive round.

List Composition

Need an engineer? Then choose a Dozer. Want to take Remotes? Then choose a Dozer with a control device. In highly classified or mission where fielding cheap multiple specialist is needed Dozers are excellent and low-cost options. A decent WIP grants them utility to button pushing missions. Consider the Akrylat-Kanone for a cheap and scary ARO piece, while not deadly in any means adhesive launchers can be scary for players fielding tags.

One thing to consider is, while a bit more expensive than using the minesweepers, combine the Dozer with a ML Mul and one of the numerous forward observers available to Ariadna. Having the FO target lock your intended target can be great for the Mul while at the same time allowing you to keep both the Dozer and the Mul well protected and out of the line of fire. You'll have to worry about enemy hackers and U-Turn of course, but its still a fun trick when it works.


With limited range options bar the Akrylat-Kanone consider hiding the Dozer out of line of site of long range firelanes. Use them to watch your back. If using them as a specialist or for their D-charges consider placing them as far forward as you can. If using Remotes place the Dozer near to them as without slave bots the Dozer will need to carry out all field repairs themselves.

Active Turn Role

Use them to repair remotes, push buttons and take objectives, don’t rely on them to do any reliable killing however.

ARO Options

Even a rifle in suppression can be an annoying thing to deal with, consider adding them to a combined order suppression. Use the Akrylat-Kanone for fights up to 32” but don’t expect to win them wit a BS of 11