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Kazak Spetsnazs are experts in parachute operations, close quarters combat, guerrilla tactics, ambush and assault, the Ariadna Spetsnaz are light infantry, known as 'The Walking Death'. One of the most deadly units Ariadna has to offer.

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Offensive Tools

Kazak Spetsnazs come in two main flavors, as an offensively capable parachutist or as a hidden trooper that packs a deadly punch.

These two approaches to using Kazak Spetsnazs will be addressed separately as they each offer unique approaches to using this deadly unit.

However, some common features of the unit are its moderate BS value of 12, making it effective at shooting. However, using modifiers to your advantage is key to success with this unit. Marksmanship level 2 allows the Spetsnazs to ignore penalties for opponents cover and grants shock ammo to boot, making him effective at killing the toughest of infantry.

Spetsnazs are equally equipped for hand to hand combat with CC 20 and Martial Arts level 2. Utilising Ambush Camo combined with either a HMG or sniper rifle, the Spetsnazs is effective at longer ranges. Surprise shot combined with Marksmanship level 2 allows you to stack modifiers in your favour, combined with the high burst HMG this can be an effective and deadly way to deal with enemy infantry.

As a Parachutist Spetsnazs come with Mimetism, grenades and either a rifle or boarding shotgun. With rifles best between 8”-16” and shotguns under 8” consider what ranges you wish to utilise this airborne unit.

With AP ammo only on its Boarding shotgun the Spetsnazs is not an effective anti-armour unit and is more effective at killing enemy infantry. However is able to form the backbone of any Ariadna force.

Defensive Tools

Kazak Spetsnazs with ARM of 2 rely more on weighting face to face rolls in their favour to stay alive than tanking hits. Mimetism and camo offer a defensive counter to most units, providing a -3 to opponents rolls. Ambush Camo on the HMG and sniper profiles also allow you to hide in plain site with two markers placed at deployment with only one representing the real unit. Hide in camo on your opponents active turn and rely on surprise shot to effectively kill with this unit.

With only 1 wound and no immunities do not expect Kazak Spetsnazs to survive hails of enemy fire. With PH of 12 Kazak Spetsnazs are often better off shooting than dodging enemy attacks, but consider what modifiers are at play before deciding. With no MSV Kazak Spetsnazs are often better dodging against ODD or troops with their own camo.

Special Tricks

Ambush Camo on two profiles are the real tricks at play here. This allows two markers to be placed at deployment. You can consider baiting with the fake marker to expend opponents orders as they try and discover something that is not there, or use it to simply hide your Kazak Spetsnazs until you wish to reveal.

Ambush camo allows you to in your active turn to use surprise shot, that for most enemies will grant a -3 to their ARO, combined with your camo and ability to ignore cover (marksmanship level 2) grants you a significant advantage over your opposition.

Marksmanship level 2 also grants you shock ammo on all your weapons.

As a parachutist the Kazak Spetsnazs is no slouch, with Mimetism offering some protection. Martial arts level 2 grants you stealth and with decent cc stats Kazak Spetsnazs can easily infiltrate and kill a high value target. Consider using Martial Arts level 2 to gain a +3 damage mod due to the moderate PH value of 12.


Countering the Kazak Spetsnazs might seem like a daunting task, for its price point it certainly packs a big punch. However like many of Ariadna’s best units similar tactics can be deployed to disarm their advantages.

Sixth sense level 2, MSV and fireteams all offer protection against surprise attacks. A well deployed fireteam can put an end to the Kazak Spetsnaz before its even got going. With just 1 wound and 2 ARM the unit is not a difficult unit to crack. Use shock or other special ammo to kill the Kazak Spetsnaz outright and render the likely nearby 112 useless.

With no MSV of its own ODD and camo are equally effective.

With little AP ammo on the unit consider using heavy units that can take the return fire, two wound units, REM and tags all ignore the shock ammo granted by Marksmanship that this unit has.

List Composition

Kazak Spetsnazs with a HMG and Ambush Camo are excellent units to take in any list. They are deadly efficient at killing enemy infantry. Kazak Spetsnazs with a sniper rifle can be excellent for long range fights but as they are already granted shock ammo from Marksmanship consider for just 4 points more upgrading to the higher burst HMG.

Kazak Spetsnazs as parachutists while an effective unit sometimes do not justify their point cost. For just 24/25 points you can take an Airborne ranger which has the same number of wounds, same weapons, greater cc stats and equal BS and PH stats, but they do lack Marksmanship and camo. Unless you are needing the shock ammo consider taking a cheaper Airborne trooper or spending the extra 5 points for Van Zant, who comes without the restriction of needing to pick a board side for infiltration at deployment and in fact can even come on in the enemy deployment. Van Zant also has the addition of Dogged and an AP rifle that is able to take on armour targets.

However as a unit that can put down enemies for good a parachutist Spetsnazs is not a terrible choice, just consider other parachutist options.


As a parachutist, you will need to pick a side you want to the Kazak Spetsnazs to deploy on, pick one that you think will give you the best chance to use this unit offensively. Additionally, look for terrain that will block lines of site to your deployment choice, there is nothing worse than spending 30+ points on a model to simple die in ARO as you enter the board.

With Ambush camo don’t forget to deploy two markers but they must be within 8 inches, take care not to give away which one is the real unit. Consider if you are going second leaving the Kazak Spetsnazs prone and let your opponent waste orders to discover the fake marker. While a nearby 112 or other doctor option is a good idea to get your Kazak Spetsnazs back up if it falls, consider placing the doctor next to the fake marker to further bait your opponent.

Active Turn Role

Kazak Spetsnazs with Ambush camo can fill an active turn offensive role, offering you an effective way to kill enemy infantry. Shock ammo combined with the ability to alter modifiers in your favour grant an effective way to remove 1 wound units, total reaction bots and other units. High burst HMG is the active turn weapon of choice.

As a parachutist the Kazak Spetsnazs can punch holes in enemy defences or take out units hidden from your longer range units. Use them aggressively and don’t panic when they eventually die, just ensure that they trade their point value and don’t let them die simply coming onto the board.

ARO Options

For ARO you have a few options to consider. Take the low burst sniper rifle with its high damage to engage units at maximum range. With the ability to already alter modifiers, further doing so by outranging enemies as they move makes the Spetsnazs an effective trooper for taking long range fights.

As a parachutist with a boarding shotgun place yourself so your opponent has to engage you within 8” granting you a hit on an 18! Or with a rifle consider suppressive fire.

With PH12 and BS12 you will often be better off shooting than dodging, but ensure that enemies do not have ODD or Camo before deceleration as you have no MSV or sixth sense.

Do not fear engaging closer enemies as Spetsnazs, while not devastating in CC, can hold their own.