Krakot Renegades, Morat Fugitives

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Krakot Renegades.jpg
A gambler's merc, theKrakot Renegades are aggressive midfield warbands that allow all factions access to some unique rules including the Morat special rule. They bring a wide variety of short range weapons and deadly melee but little defensive options making them a proper glass cannon unit.

Krakot Renegades Profile.png

Offensive Tools

Krakots have access to a SMG (singular and dual), dual Chain rifles, Boarding shotguns, and grenades across several different profiles. They can also bring a red fury for extra SWC cost. Given this assortment it is no surprise that they are close ranged focused, and all but one of their profiles comes with Chest Mines to further cement their place as "dangerous to approach." Options for CCW vary by profile but are always either DA or Shock. To go with the weapon they have Berserk and an absurd 21 CC, meaning they will take Berserk rolls at 27 criting on a 13+.

Krakots are Impetuous allowing them an additional order, with restrictions forcing it to be used approaching and attacking the enemy by the nearest means available.

Defensive Tools

The Krakot's ARM 1 is not going to help it get across the board. Thankfully they have Forward Deployment to let them start close to their prey or in a better spot not offered in their DZ, Kinematika to help their dodges, and Meta-chemistry 2. The effects of the last of these combined with PH 13 means they can dodge effectively and often with additional defensive options ranging from extra armor to V:dogged depending on your Meta-chemistry rolls.

Remember that Krakots are Impetuous and as such never gain Partial Cover.

Special Tricks

Chest mines offer you a chance to push your CC skill even higher and critical hit on 10s with Berserk. They also add shock, which is a nice bonus for the DA profiles in cases where shock is valuable. If not used as a weapon, they allow you to use your Berserk skill knowing that should the attacker not be killed by your CC, and you go unconscious, you will get to inflict additional hits against them.

Super Jump, as provided by the meta-chemistry chart, allows you to fall up to your base move without taking damage and move vertically while dodging. Use this to jump off the back end of a building or up to higher cover (remember that you can also vault while jumping)

The Grenade profile, with it's high PH is very good at speculative firing over walls at unsuspecting enemy models.

Because Krakots are Morats, they are immune to the Isolated rule.


Krakots will go down to anything but melee. Put fire into them however you can, but from a distance or you will likely be eating a chain rifle or chest mine in ARO. Taking out a Krakot in CC should essentially never be considered. They can win against even Martial Art's experts, and if the numbers are really against them, the Krakot will just Berserk for a free hit.

List Composition

A Krakot is good in almost any list. They offer additional midfield pressure and order efficiency with Impetuous and Forward Deployment. Meta-chemistry is also a fun gamble that can sometimes be very good given a particular scenario or board lay out. A final note is that lists with aggressive Lieutenants might consider taking a Krakot or two because of the Morat rule.


Because they don't get partial cover, put the Krakot behind full cover when deploying. Also remember that they are impetuous. You don't have to use that extra order, but look for a good opportunities to move them up field unopposed at no order cost. Also keep in mind where enemy midfield models are going to likely be, since your weapons are short ranged and getting stuck in without being sniped from across the table in not ideal.

Active Turn Role

Krakots want to move up table unseen and get to close range to make use of their aggressive weapons. If given the chance they will excel in melee, but should look to cause as much damage as they can. They can be used like fire and forget missiles, indiscriminately targeted at whatever enemy are available, or push up more slowly to take a position from which they will be hard to clear out. Inside a building watching the only door from an adjoining wall, you can force enemy models to eat a mine on their way in, which is a good deterrent to most foes.

ARO Options

At range, often the best option for the Krakot is to dodge. With PH 13 and possibly higher due to Meta-Chemistry, they stand a good chance of getting out of harm's way. At closer range they have more choices to make. Against enemies within 8" you have chest mines or chain rifles and will have to determine on a case by case basis if it is better to risk losing the Krakot for a guaranteed hit on the enemy, or dodging or shooting to win a F2F roll. A special note for the Grenade profile, within 8" you are better off throwing a grenade than dodging most of the time due to Grenades functioning off of PH instead of BS.