Line Kazaks

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The Line Kazaks are a light infantry corps that acts as a first line of defense for the thinly-spread and often isolated Ariadnan stanitsas.

Line Kazaks Profile.png

Offensive Tools

Line Kazaks could easily be called Russia's best cheerleaders. Basic stat-lines and no additional skills make Line Kazaks cheap order generators. BS11 and no extras makes them offensively weaker. However as cheap specialists or lieutenant they can form the backbone of any vanilla force.

At just 9 points they are an easy way to pad lists for more offensive units.

with some options for heavy weapons they can offer some punch but without any additional skills or fireteam options they lack the offensive nature of other line troopers.

Defensive Tools

1 Arm, PH 11 and 0 BTS makes line kazaks very easy to kill. However with total AVA they offer a quality that comes with the ability to field them in quantity.

Special Tricks

The special trick with line kazak is to take a single basic profile, most players will assume this is your LT, use this knowledge to set a trap or bait out impersonators.


shoot them they are basic troops and easy to kill.

List Composition

Line kazaks can be a great way to increase your order pool, giving orders for more offensive units.

As LT options they are cheap but take a few or risk being in Loss of LT as they will be a target for enemies.

Some of their heavy weapons might appear like good options but if similar costs you can get units that come with skills and stats that make them better than Line kazaks.

as cheap specialists however WIP 13 is not terrible and with a 10 point forward observer option they can be cheerleaders with added utility.


Use them to cover approaches to your deployment. If you take an LT option ensure that he is well protected, potential up high and prone or set a trap with a fake LT option as discussed above. ensure that with their rifle being the likely weapon of choice you don't try and cover long fire lanes.

Active Turn Role

They are mostly there to provide orders, however cheap specialists can be useful as fall backs when other units have fallen.

ARO Options

If you take a forward observer remember to use Flash pulse as your aro for longer ranges. With PH11 dodging and shooting is equally likely to be a success unless at ranges over 16.