Veteran Kazaks

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Veteran Kazaks.jpg
Veteran Kazaks are experienced troops equipped with the best gear the Ariadnan army can put together. With good Defensive and offensive capabilities, the ability to keep fighting after taking lethal hits and a range of options for button pushing Veteran Kazaks can meet most roles required for successful missions.

Veteran Kazaks Profile.png

Offensive Tools

With a BS 13 Vet Kazaks are one of the best shooters Ariadna has. Combined with great offensive load outs Vet Kazaks are a great offensive unit to take the fight to even the toughest of opponents. AP and T2 ammo on a range of guns offers a deadly unit for taking our other HI and tags. With light flamethrowers on many profiles they also are able to burn pesky units who they otherwise would struggle to hit, ODD or camo for example.

a T2 rifle combined with an x-visor is an effective counter to multiple wound enemies with each successful hit scoring two wounds.

Defensive Tools

When it comes to Defensive capabilities Vet Kazaks have everything bar the kitchen sink.

Ch:mimetism for reducing opponents to hit modifiers, they are non-hackable despite their HI status, WIP 14, PH 12 and 4 ARM and if all that fails; No-wound incapacitate combined with shock immunity to keep them up for longer.

In other words you can't hack them, shock them or potentially even hitting them can be a struggle, when you do they can shrug off many hits.

Special Tricks

Apart from being a jack of all trades Veteran Kazaks, through their Veteran L2 status, ignore retreat and loss of LT and also come with sixth sense level 2. Sixth sense level 2 allows you to delay ARO's until after your opponent declares their second skill, act without line of fire if someone shoots at you without negative modifiers and creates for an effective ARO piece.

the best trick is to wait until your opponent declares their second short skill, if they shoot you consider if in range burning them for an auto hit with the light flamethrowers, if they template weapon you, consider dodging or firing back and tanking the hit with the units decent ARM and NWI.


As hacking, shock and shooting with light arms are all poor solutions to the Veteran Kazak consider long range multiple burst weapons. multi sniper rifles with DA or AP can be an effective counter as all accept the AP HMG profiles struggle at longer ranges.

with a PH of 12 they are not the best at dodging so also consider adhesive ammo, template weapons or heavy ordnance such as missile launchers.

with cc of 17 consider units such as ninjas as effective counters to Veteran Kazaks.

with just 1 wound viral for those that can get it is also effective counter measure to the Veteran Kazak, with successful hits preventing their NWI state.

List Composition

Vet Kazaks can often feel like auto includes in many lists. As a robust LT or specialist they can often be attractive but considering the factions other cheaper choices for these roles and lack of good Chain of Command most people prefer to take the more offensive profiles. For just 38 points you can get a T2 rifle with x-visor reducing those negative bands and making for a longer range unit. T2 ammo with no SWC cost can cause significant damage to opponents, reducing multiple wound models to unconscious with just one successful hit or single wound models straight to dead.

when facing HI or Tags consider the AP options available, however for most units you will likely find T2 ammo far more effective.


Keep the Veteran Kazak in cover and you will be granted effective ARM of 7 (4 + 3 for cover). With most profiles wanting to close ranges consider deploying to where you can move them into their more effective ranges, look for paths that get you into the midfield as quick as possible.

Active Turn Role

a Veteran Kazak can Rambo like the best of them, with move of 4-4 they are not as slow as many HI and can devastate enemies. A light flamethrower is an effective tool for routing out hard to hit opponents and all the profiles are effective at killing heavy enemy units. Don't be afraid to take on Tags in your good ranges. With NWI and shock immunity you can even take on weapons that might otherwise kill you with some resilience. if the dice go against you, you will often have a second chance.

ARO Options

Get them into midfield and place them into suppression for a really tough ARO unit. Suppression + their mimetism makes them particularly hard to deal with. Sixth sense as discussed above makes them a tricky unit to face, allowing them to delay and dictate the nature of the face to face role. In fights you know you are going to loose consider your flamethrowers for an auto hit or to burn off equipment from hard to hit foes.