Warcors, War Correspondents

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In game these news reporters are generally taken to fill the last few points of a list, providing a weak ARO to delay enemy movements.

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Offensive Tools

Defensive Tools

Special Tricks


List Composition

Usually a Warcor is taken to fill the last few points of a list.

If your Lieutenant has Inspiring Leadership then a Warcor will provide a Regular Order for the incredibly low cost of three points.

When building a single Combat Group list, taking a Warcor as the eleventh is unlikely to be worth it in ITS because you'll lose the advantage of being Limited Insertion.


Active Turn Role

A Warcor's only lethal weapon is a knife, however it can be worth spending the Warcor's Irregular order to attempting to Stun an enemy ARO piece. The Warcor will likely die in the attempt, but the chance of success may be worth that risk.

ARO Options

Most often a Warcor should Flash Pulse as its ARO, hoping to stop that model's assault.

Within 8" it may be worth using the Stun Pistol instead, you will be hitting on one point less but a hit will force two saves.